My story doesn't begin with starting my own businesses in grade school.

I was not the little girl hustling at the lemonade stand.

I liked to play it safe. Stability was the name of the game for me. We've been raised to stay in school, get the degree, find the job, clock in and out every day, so that's what I did.

I found a 9-5 that I ended up loving. (Didn't see that one coming, did you?)

The work I did, the people at the office—it was great. I felt fulfilled.

Until something changed. I distinctly remember sitting at my desk, looking out the window, and wondering...

Is this it?

I'd achieved my goal of finding a job I liked and I was climbing the corporate ladder, but it started to feel off. I'll be honest, it wasn't a feeling I particularly enjoyed.

We all know those picture-perfect travel bloggers and design influencers on Instagram. There were parts of that life that appealed to me (and a lot of it that didn't). But I realized I could do that too. Or something like it, anyway.

I needed to find something in between the idealistic #laptoplifestyle posts from Bali and the repetitive days under my office's fluorescent lighting.

So I went for it. Brand & Bloom (then called &Bloom—throwback for my OGs!) became my new side hustle, my night-and-weekend focus, and my passion.

After less than a year, I took the biggest risk of my life thus far and quit that 9-5. Now, as the founder of my own company, I help women like you and me grow their businesses, their finances, and their confidence.

I share this story about how I got started to let you know I've been there too.

I have had the long nights, the anxiety breakdowns, and the "how the hell am I going to pay my bills?" moments. And I've had the ecstatic clients, the dream projects, and the feeling that I'd finally figured it out.

I know what it's like to grow a profitable business that feels like it's been there all along. So when you're ready to move past those lows and get to some higher highs—when you're ready to really see your business bloom —I'll be right here growing along with you.

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I'm based in Austin, Texas, where I live with my partner and my pugs, Bubba and Daisy. Outside of the office, you'll either find me outdoors hiking the Greenbelt, getting an early morning work out in, hanging on the couch watching my latest Netflix obsession, or sipping on an oat milk latte listening to my favorite podcasts and doodling on my iPad.

I'm on a mission to help women put down business roots, put in the work to see growth, and see their biggest dreams bloom.

Xx, Alyssa

Your Brand strategist, designer and friend.

Looking for a podcast guest? Have a slot for a speaking gig? I love talking about branding, marketing, and building a business (just watch my Instagram stories for proof).