Gift Guide: Gifts for Entrepreneurs

December 6, 2021

Finding awesome gifts for entrepreneurs and the creatives in your life is no easy task. I put together this gift guide so you could spend less time browsing the internet for the right gift, and more time eating sugar cookies and watching your favorite Christmas movies this holiday season.

Amazon Kindle White

This is a great gift idea for anyone in your family. The white screen is easy on the eyes, and it’s tiny enough that you could fit it in your purse and take it with you anywhere you go.

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One word: coffee. All entrepreneurs need (lots of) caffeine, so what better gift than a Nespresso?

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Electric Kettle 

Not everyone is a coffee person, so this aesthetic matte black electric kettle is the perfect gift idea for the tea connoisseur in your life.

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Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

Some days getting out of bed when your alarm goes off is reallyyyy hard to do. This alarm clock gently wakes you up and replicates the sunrise, so you wake up feeling rested and restored.

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Courant Multi-Device Wireless Charger 

This might be one of my favorite gift ideas on the gift guide. It’s a multi-device wireless charger that is not only efficient, but beautiful with brown leather and other materials. It comes in different sizes and looks beautiful on a nightstand.

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Architectural Digest Coffee Table Book 

Who doesn’t love a good coffee table book? I love the neutral color of this book, and the photos inside are just as beautiful. This book looks great stacked with other books or by itself.

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Less Than $50

The Five Minute Journal 

Mindset is everything when you have your own business. While this gift is simple, it’s also super thoughtful and one of my favorite gifts for entrepreneurs.

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Capri Volcano Candle

There’s just something so cozy about a nice candle. This is my go-to candle scent, and it’s the perfect home accessory.

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Passion Planner 

This has been my go-to planner for the last three years. Not only is it a planner, but there are sections where you write down your yearly goes, monthly reflections and other sections that will help you reach your goals.

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Daily To-Do List 

If a daily to-do list is more of your style, this cute notepad will get the job done. Who doesn’t love scratching a task of their to-do list?!

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Desk Mug Warmer

How many times do you reheat your coffee after you make it? Two times? Three? Four? I’m usually a four+ gal. Instead of taking multiple trips to the microwave, this adorable desk mug warmer will keep your beverage warm.

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Wilde Folk Essential Oil Blend

If you watch my IG stories, you know how much I love all Wilde Folk products. Being an entrepreneur can be stressful a lot of the time. To recenter and calm yourself, roll this Namaste blend on your wrists and back of the neck to feel the calming effect this tiny, yet mighty, roller has.

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Selfie Clip Ring Light

It’s important you show up on social media a lot if you own your own business. This portable selfie ring light is perfect for hopping on your IG or recording TikToks. Lighting makes all the difference!

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Baggage Claim Eye Mask 

Sometimes being an entrepreneur means really late nights and early morning. This top-rated eye mask will have your eyes glowing and depuffed so you look well-rested for your Zoom meeting. 🙂

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Adobe Suite

This is a must-have for the creatives in your life! If you could only pick one, important gift for the creative in your life – this is it. It’s a MUST HAVE.

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Flodesk Email Marketing

I love Flodesk for email marketing. Their templates are beautiful and easy to use. They make email marketing easy, and you can craft a whole campaign in 15 minutes or less.

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Dubsado System Management

I don’t know what I would do without Dubsado. It’s the powerhouse behind my business. You can send contracts, invoices, proposals and so much more automatically. You can track your leads, revenue, projects and invoices. You can create email templates and workflows so with the click of a button your business is running automatically. It has saved me so much time in my business.

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