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Quick, grab your phone and open social media. How many times do you see the same fonts, the same brand colors – the same everything. The most beautiful flowers don't grab our eye because they blend in with all of the others, do they? No.

No, the most beautiful flowers grab our attention because they stand out. Just like your brand needs to.

The stuff that's trending right now is beautiful. That's why people are using it. But will it still be beautiful a year from now? In a few months, they'll be onto something new. There's always a sparkly new trend.

When you put a trendy bandage on your branding problem, you'll be feeling left behind and out of luck once everyone's moved on. And in today's world, the trends come and go – fast.

Skip the safe choices. Ditch the DIY. It's time to find what makes your brand bloom.​​​​​​​

We'll Be A Perfect Match If...

- You want to do more than impress your clients—you want to actually work with them

- You're at a crossroads in your business and your branding doesn't match up with your ideal client or price point

- You need a design that's as detailed and intentional about your business as you are

With Brand & Bloom, You'll Get...

☑ Clear direction

☑ Polished professionalism

☑ Approachable luxury

☑ A designer who gives a damn

Kind Words

"What you created for me is beyond my imagination. It is beyond what I envisioned and makes me so excited to bring my brand to life and proud to say I hired you as my designer and had you guiding the process. You took my very disjointed ideas and compiled them into the most amazing branding package ever. Within every scroll of the page I felt my smile getting bigger and bigger. I cannot believe this is my brand, my story. And I'm so so grateful that you did this for me!"

- Jamie J.

Services & Packages

branding, strategy & web design

Brand Strategy

Healthy roots, healthy brand. Get to the core of your business with brand strategy that helps you see new opportunities, identify gaps, and create a plan to attract your dream clients.

Perfect if you need...

- A cohesive plan when you're at a standstill

- More clarity around your goals for growth

- Help positioning luxury services


- 2-hour strategy call
- Competitor research, audience persona, customer journey, competitor analysis, brand personality, suggested Instagram strategy, business problems and creative solutions

- Custom mood board and color palette
- 20-page brand carry-all that maps out where you stand in your industry and how to move forward


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4-5 Weeks

Brand Design

Put your brand's best foot forward with brand design so on point you'll think we read your mind. Using my signature brand design process, I'll instill meaning into every element of your visual branding for a truly impactful brand experience.

Perfect if you need...

- Someone to turn your ideas into reality

- Instant brand recognition

- A seasoned professional to take the lead


- Launch graphics to post on social

- Final brand style guide showing you exactly how to use every part of your new brand

- Additional add-ons available

- Custom mood board, fonts, and color palette

- Custom brand identity (primary logo, secondary logos, symbol, etc) to help your brand be widely recognized

- Custom pattern design, perfect for marketing materials and social media


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6-8 Weeks

Web Design

You've moved past the DIY stage and you're outgrowing that not-so-customizable website template. It's time to do this the right way. At Brand & Bloom, I use science and strategy to design and build websites that go to work for you—and look damn good doing it.

Perfect if you need...

- More of those website visitors to turn into inquiries

- To move beyond the cookie-cutter website templates everyone else has

- Confidence raising your prices to where they should be


- Email opt-in integration

- Domain and hosting configuration

- Copy editing

- Custom video tutorials so you know how to confidently update your new site

- Custom website design on WordPress, Showit, or Shopify

- Mobile-friendly design

- Up to 5 pages (additional pages can be added for extra)

- Instagram/social media links page to put in your bio

- Blog or portfolio set up


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5-8 Weeks

Brand VIP Day

Our Brand Intensive VIP Days are perfect for business owners on a budget or time crunch -- plus you get a beautiful brand in just one day!

Perfect if you need...

- Custom brand design, like... tomorrow!

- A beautiful, strategic brand but you're in a budget


- Moodboard(s) before our design day

- Custom brand identity

- Unlimited revisions on our design day

- suggested fonts and color palette

- a brand board mapping out your new brand

- Additional add-ons if we have time left over


1 Week of Prep / 1 Day of Design

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Website VIP Day

It's 2022 - you NEED a website to stand out from your competitors.

Perfect if you need...

- A website ASAP

- Custom design, but you're on a tight budget or timeline

- To attract your dream clients and start making money online


- unlimited revisions on design day

- Domain and hosting configuration

- Custom video tutorials so you know how to confidently update your new site

- website design on WordPress, Showit, or Shopify

- Mobile-friendly design

- Up to 5 pages (additional pages available if we have time left over)

- Blog or portfolio set up


1 Week of Prep / 1 Design Day

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Our Signature Process

Research + Strategy




Get this party started by filling out this form for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. You'll receive a completely custom proposal based on what we discuss for you to go over. Once you're ready to move forward, we'll make it official and start our process.

We’ll get this party started by having a two-hour strategy session where we’ll talk about your audience, roadblocks in your brand, and creative solutions for achieving your goals. After the call, you’ll feel confident in what you do, who you do it for, and how to reach them. I’ll add this information to research I do on my own time to develop an easy-to-follow strategy for your brand.

Brand Identity Design

Collateral + Additions



After we’ve completed the strategy and planted the roots, I’ll begin designing your brand identity. During this phase, I’ll create your custom color palette, primary and secondary logos, and brand patterns. I’ll wrap it all up with our detailed brand style guide that shows you how to use each and every piece.

The additional elements of your brand really can make all the difference. If you’re looking to bloom beyond the basics, we’ll work together to create packaging design, physical product design, or extra pieces of collateral that add to your brand experience.

website Design




Once we’ve created a brand built with purpose, I’ll move on to designing and developing a strategic website that speaks to your target market and converts them into customers.

You did it, my friend. You’ve invested in your business, trusted me in this process, and you’ve built a brand that will truly make a difference. Congratulations — it’s time to launch your website and watch your brand bloom.

are you ready?

If you're curious about our services, packages or how brand & bloom can help grow your business, contact me to set up a free consultation. I'd be so excited to work with you!

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