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DIY-ing your own website has never been so easy (and gorgeous)

Not only are our website templates easy to customize and beautiful, but they have everything you need to convert visitors into customers.

user-friendly templates

Create a scroll-stopping website in days, not weeks

No coding. No tears. No more spending hours trying to figure out how to design your own website. No more putting off your website because you don't have time or the budget. You'll be able to build a website in just a day with these easy, drag-and-drop Showit website templates.

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drag. drop. launch. yay!

Completely customizable drag-and-drop templates

Our templates are completely customizable! You'll be able to easily change colors, text and the layout to fit your branding. Designing a website has never been so easy. Not to mention – all of our templates are mobile friendly *heart eyes*.

How it works:

Step No. 1

First you will need to purchase a Showit website subscription (HERE). Then, choose one of our template to get this party started. Our templates were designed with beauty and brains. Not only are they scroll-stopping, but they'll grab the attention of your ~dream~ clients.

Step No. 2

Once you've purchased the template you can begin designing right away. With Showit's drag-and-drop website builder and our ready-to-go Showit templates, you can have your website launched within a few hours of purchase! Just add in your photos, swap out the text and change the colors if you'd like. Absolutely everything is customizable and no code is required.

Step No. 3

It's time to celebrate, my friend! Launch your new website and wait for your dream clients to roll in. If you need additional help, you can post a comment in The Garden's Private FB Group, or message Showit's support for speedy feedback.

Designing your website has never been so easy

Don't believe me? Watch this video and see how easy and customizable our Showit templates are. Think Canva level drag-and-drop status!


What happens after I purchase this template?

After you purchase the template, you will be sent an email with your “design key” code. All you have to do is copy and paste this baby into your Showit library. I’ve made a video for you showing exactly how to do so! Easy peasy. You must purchase a Showit account for your new template to work (purchase Showit subscription here). After you input the design key code into your Showit account, you can easily customize the template to your liking. You’ll be able to change photos, text, colors and drag and drop items. You can customize it as much as you’d like to fit your brand. It’s so easy even my pug could do it (and she doesn’t even have thumbs).

I have no experience designing a website. Is this template still for me?

This template was made for YOU. No worries if you’re not a tech pro and no worries if you have zero experience with Showit (or websites in general). Showit’s website builder is a drag-and-drop platform. What you see is what you get. No coding. No tears. Plus, I’ve created a library of video tutorials for you, walking you through how to make edits so you’ll be feeling confident and excited to edit your new website. Woo!

Is this website mobile-friendly?

What kind of designer would I be if it wasn’t?! Yes, all of our websites are mobile-friendly and responsive. And they look mighty good, too.

What if I need additional support?

One of the things I love most about Showit is that their support team is top-notch, friendly, and always there to help. You can reach out to their support team (via a chatbox on the backend of your Showit site), and they’ll get back to you within normal business hours and 24/7 support tickets. If you need further assistance, feel free to email and I’ll get back to you! You’ve got a support team at your side, my friend.

Can you help me customize my template?

Sure thing! The templates are super simple to customize. So simple that you’ll be able to launch your website just a few days, or even hours, after purchasing. But, if you don’t have the time or are looking to expand your website, you can hire Brand & Bloom to customize your template for you.

Does this template work on Squarespace or other platforms?

Our templates are only compatible with Showit. You must have an active Showit subscription in order to go live with one of our templates (click here to choose your subscription plan).  Your Showit subscription includes the drag-and-drop website builder, amazing tech support and hosting for your website and blog. Showit subscriptions range from $24 to $39 a month. The middle tier subscription is the most popular option, plus you get the power of WordPress’ blogging!

Wait... Showit and WordPress work together?

Yes! It’s the best of both worlds! Amazing, right? Each Showit website template from The Garden comes with a blog theme for WordPress. So you get the beauty and ease of the Showit website template with the power of WordPress blogging. If you choose the Showit subscription that has WordPress blogging, you’ll be sent a login to your WordPress website by the Showit team where you will write and publish blogs. You can learn more about how Showit + WordPress work together here.

My website is on another platform. Can I switch it over to Showit?

Yep! The Showit support team will help you transfer your domain to your new Showit design and migrate over your existing blog. Not only is it super simple, but it’s so worth it.

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