House of Chameleon

Interior Design Studio

House of Chameleon is an Interior Design Studio in Austin, Texas creating complete Home Harmony through interior design, personal and home styling, and organization solutions.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Website Design

Nichole, the founder of House of Chameleon, has a magical eye for all things interior design and styling. Her designs are completely unique, mesmerizing and gorgeous. She chose the name “House of Chameleon” because her style and designs can evolve with every home, just like a chameleon evolves. We created a logo that represented a chameleon. So we created a custom type with interchanging letters, all different shapes and sizes, but still all working together. Nichole told us she is inspired by old doors, Moroccan homes/tiles and mixing rich colors and textures; so we created custom patterns inspired by Moroccan tiles, a custom door illustration to bring her vision to life.