The Beauty Lab

A Modern, Boutique Med Spa

The Beauty Lab is a med spa that focuses on aesthetics and wellness. They provide the clients with unmatched personalized care and enhance the natural, unique beauty that already exists within.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Website Design
Hitting Her Income Goal Her First Year in Business

Keline, the founder of The Beauty Lab, was truly a dream client. She is a mom of two, already had a full-time job, and wanted to start her own med spa. When she first reached out to us, she expressed she felt like she was “at the bottom of the mountain, looking up at it wondering how the hell I was going to conquer it.” We told her that we would be honored to go on this journey with her. With the help of brand strategy, a few pep talks, an aesthetic and modern brand identity and new website, Keline went for it and started her own med spa. It’s case studies like this that make our hearts full – it’s why we do what we do. We want to empower you to climb and conquer that mountain. She hit her goal of hitting $100K in less than a year, and she was able to hire her first full-time employee. Keline went from being unsure if she was able to start and run her own business, to surpassing her income goal and scaling her business faster than she could have dreamed of.

“TBL has done more than 100K in sales. Mind blowing, I cried. [The] Beauty Lab has made over $100K in sales since launching in March this year. Anyone reading this.. start now don’t wait until next year! You’ll feel accomplished and ahead of it all if you just start now. Even just small steps are still steps forward!”



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