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Brand strategy – it’s a term you probably hear a lot these days. What is brand strategy? Every seems to be saying it, but are they actually implementing it?

The Difference Between a Brand and a Brand Identity 

Here’s a hint: they aren’t the same thing. Before I get into what brand strategy is, I want to talk more about the difference between a Brand and a Brand Identity. 

Let’s use Target as an example. When you think of Target (the store), you think of endless shopping and amazing products available. Everyone knows that when they walk into Target, they will probably be there for a few hours and will walk out of the store with wayyyy more than they went in for. Target is fun; it’s an adventure of sorts. You know you’re going to find a cute new purse, or a brand new top for like $10, or discover a new beauty brand you love. That feeling you get when you think about Target – THAT is their brand. 

Sure, when you think of Target maybe you’ll think of their red circular logo. It may cross your mind. But when someone mentions Target you get a feeling (maybe that feeling is joy, excitement or nostalgia). 

My point is that your BRAND is so much more important than your BRAND IDENTITY. 

Your Brand is a feeling you create for your audience. It’s an emotion. It’s what people say about your business. 

Your Brand Identity is the colors, fonts, logos and patterns. 

What is Brand Strategy?

Now that you know the difference between a Brand and a Brand Identity, let’s talk more about what exactly Brand Strategy is and how it comes into play. 

Brand Strategy – when done correctly – helps you speak directly to your target audience. It helps your business create a desired feeling for that audience. How do you want your audience to feel while they’re interacting with your brand? How do you want them to feel when they see one of your social media posts? How do you want them to feel while scrolling through your website? 

It’s all about create a feeling and speaking directly to your target audience. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “okay Alyssa, but how do I speak directly to your target audience?” Great question, my friend. Thank you for asking. 

To speak directly to your target audience you must: 

  1. Know exactly who your target audience is. I don’t just mean the basics. I want you to get real specific on every detail about them. What is their gender? What do they like to do for fun? Where do they shop? What do they do for work? What do they do in their spare time? It helps to paint a detailed picture of one person. This one person is your Ideal Client Avatar. Give your Ideal Client Avatar a name. Give them a style, personality, hobbies, etc. Once you know this one person inside and out, it will get a whole lot easier to speak to them directly. 
  2. Know how they think. Know how they communicate. What will appeal to them? What won’t appeal to them? How can you position your brand tone and voice to match theirs? 
  3. Make sure all of your content on all platforms (social media, website, all marketing materials, etc.) uses the same tone and voice consistently. 

There is so much more to Brand Strategy; one blog isn’t enough to cover it. But knowing your target audience inside and out is the key to a great brand strategy. Take the time to get to know your target audience. Know what makes them happy, sad and excited. Know their goals. Know every little detail about them, and you’re on your way to building a great brand. 

I’m giving away my top branding strategy secrets so you can grow your business and create the business you’ve always dreamed of. Want to see our brand strategy video that went viral on Tik Tok? Watch here!

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